Are You Managing Cyber Risk Effectively?

Learn the most critical questions every credit union CEO should ask about their cybersecurity risk management program.


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As credit unions incorporate new technologies designed to promote easier and faster service benefits for their members, manage third-party partners, and conduct business transactions originating internally and externally from a variety of locations, cybersecurity becomes a business necessity in order to avoid harmful and costly attacks.

Join Cyber Defense Labs experts Katy Montgomery and Pete Cordero to learn how CEOs can be more effective in managing cyber risk across their enterprise including: 

• Critical questions every CEOs should ask about their cybersecurity risk management program and ability to respond to a cyber incident or attack;

  • • How to ensure critical business operations are protected from a variety of threats including cyber intrusions and cyber fraud schemes;
  • • How to address cybersecurity as part of your business strategy to ensure future digital transformation and growth initiatives are safe and sound for your financial institution and your members.

Considering a Cyber MSSP?

Research is predicting that cybercrime will cost the world economy $11.4 million per minute by 2021. As credit unions rely more and more on technology and expand the number of end points and applications within their environment, a multitude of vulnerabilities are opening up for cyber threat actors to attack and gain access. Choosing the right partner to protect you and your members is critical. Learn how a Cyber Managed Security Services Partner (CMSSP) can immediately provide support and increase your resources to combat modern-day cyber threats.

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Cyber Defense Labs' CEO Sits Down with 60 Minutes

Robert Anderson sits  down with CBS News' 60 Minutes correspondent Bill Whitaker to discuss Russian foreign military intelligence’s cyber interference in the 2016 election and the inevitability of re-occurrence in 2020.

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Ransomware is on the Rise, Small Businesses Beware

Executive Vice President, Kathleen Montgomery, joins McCuistion Program Co-Host Jim Falk to discuss the growing frequency and cost of ransomware attacks on small and medium sized businesses.

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Podcast: ShadowTalk Threat Intelligence Podcast Series

Cyber Defense Labs and Digital Shadows discuss the state of data breaches, best practices on defending yourself and your company against them, and what to do if one does occur read more about their analysis.

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